A winning smile? #Wimbledon #everydaysexism

Today Garbiñe Muguruza, finalist at Wimbledon 2015, fought a valiant fight against an ultimately supreme Serena Williams. Knocked out in the 1st round at Wimbledon last year, undeterred Muguruza returned and showed a tenacity and resolve you don’t see every day. Serena Williams, on course for the Grand Slam, was always the hot favourite but anyone watching … More A winning smile? #Wimbledon #everydaysexism

Life in sepia

My little sister’s Christening – far too many years ago to admit to the date My sister is having routine day surgery this week, her hubby is serving in Afghanistan at the mo so Mum is going up to have my niece and keep my sister company for a couple weeks. Next week Dad is … More Life in sepia

The Big School Lottery

This year I’ve been working on keeping a work-life balance so haven’t been working this weekend, instead I’ve been blogging, tweeting, cooking and generally chilling out. Part of that chill out has involved catching up on television that I recorded months ago, including The Big School Lottery, a BBC documentary in three parts about Birmingham Education … More The Big School Lottery


This morning my lovely furry alarm clock, Mogs, decided that I needed to be up at 7am. Any other day this week I’d have pretty much welcomed that but not today, it’s been a bit of a hectic week, I’ve been in Devon and London, been in hospital for myself and then also been in … More #24hrtweet

Bricking it

This weekend I’ll be attempting to complete the Cardiff Half Marathon. I signed up to this in a fit of enthusiasm and naive optimism back in May, in no small part due to Erin’s account of her marathon. At the time I commented that: It’s not so much about the physical side of it, more … More Bricking it