Last week I wrote To chemo or not to chemo that talked about Dad’s latest dilemma (unsurprisingly, whether to have chemo or not) and the real life implications of patient choice for him, my mum and his family and friends. Dad has chosen not to have chemo and to wait and see what happens. This week he … More D.N.R

Hinton St George

If you type Hinton St George into google, this map is the first thing you find: and to be honest it’s about all you would need, it’s tiny. Last Friday myself and Ferg had the pleasure of visiting Hinton St George, on the recommendation of Mark. It hadn’t been the best of weeks, I didn’t get … More Hinton St George

My grandad’s pen

Today was my birthday and I got spoilt with some fabulous cards and pressies. I thought I’d share my favourite card and pressie with you. My fave card is this one – it is *so* me 🙂 I got lots of lovely pressies and I’d never normally consider identifying a favourite but today it was … More My grandad’s pen