Courageous challenge versus conformist control

This morning I was up early (for a Saturday), scrolling through twitter, wondering how to kick start my weekend. Last weekend wasn’t my best one and I was hopeful for something to set a different path. Jodi Brown and friends didn’t disappoint: Genuinely killer question. I don’t know Jodi at all well, we’ve exchanged tweets … More Courageous challenge versus conformist control

Impersonal correspondence: paras 7-9 #nhssm

I continue, huge respect to anyone with the stamina to keep coming back to this issue, but as the conversation on twitter suggests it needs unpacking. You can read the analysis of paras 1-3 here and paras 4-6 here. Sara’s original letter is here and Katrina Percy’s response here. If you’re sitting comfortably, cuppa, chocolate, … More Impersonal correspondence: paras 7-9 #nhssm

Impersonal correspondence: paras 4-6 #nhssm

This post continues on from Impersonal correspondence: paras 1-3, all the context is there. This post continues to deconstruct the letter, starting at paragraph 4: ‘Like every single organisation and individual in the world, we are not perfect and on a rare number of occasions we get things wrong, sometimes with deeply distressing consequences. On … More Impersonal correspondence: paras 4-6 #nhssm

Impersonal correspondence: paras 1-3 #nhssm

I’ve been involved with the JusticeforLB campaign now for over six months, a number of people who work in communications roles, especially in the NHS, have been in touch in that time to say how useful this campaign has been for their learning, indeed one person described Southern Health’s behaviour as the ugly, of the good, … More Impersonal correspondence: paras 1-3 #nhssm

GMC Consultation – Good Medical Practice 2012

This weekend I did my good turn for humanity by responding to the General Medical Council Consultation on Good Medical Practice. This draft guidance encourages debate about what good medical practice should look like in the future. This post isn’t likely to be of interest to many of you, but if you are interested (and … More GMC Consultation – Good Medical Practice 2012

Talking about cancer

Earlier this week we found out that my Dad’s cancer had returned. It’s really strange the emotions you go through when hearing news like that, well more so when you know that this time there is no cure. It is also quite interesting watching how other people respond to your bad news and in particular … More Talking about cancer

So far, so good

I blogged last week about my Dad’s health. He’d been called in to see his consultant following a routine scan which showed up a mass of cells under his liver. Well today he heard back from the hospital with the date for his PET Scan which is taking place on Thursday. He’s not allowed to eat … More So far, so good