I was away last week when the final episode of Young, Autistic and Stagestruck was shown on Channel 4 – you can still catch it on 4OD. This series followed nine young people with autism as they worked together to put on a play – you can read about the two previous episodes here and … More Legacy?

Henry Ford, Genius of Design and Social Care

Tonight I found myself watching The Genius of Design a new series on BBC2 exploring the history of design. The first episode, Ghosts in the Machine, looked at industrial design, Morris, capitalism, manufacturing and Henry Ford. I know very little about design, even less about the history relating to it, but found it really fascinating. Well … More Henry Ford, Genius of Design and Social Care

Design personas

For a while now I’ve been following a few people on twitter who have one or two feet in the design camp (or at least I think they do). I’m thinking of @fergusbisset @rufflemuffin @redjotter @segelstrom and @niccombe for starters. I’m quite strict with myself on twitter and am determined to keep my following count … More Design personas