Doing things differently….systems and services

I’m going to start by apologising for what will not be my most reflective, coherent or considered blog post ever! I’ve just had the privilege of spending 24 hours in the company of Directors of Adult Social Care and representatives from some of their management teams. This was at @ripfa‘s Directors Policy Forum – will blog … More Doing things differently….systems and services

Who is talking to who in public sector reform?

Yesterday I had the privilege to hear Charles Leadbetter speak at research in practice‘s annual Directors Forum – an event they hold for leaders of children’s services to hear about evidence and reflect on how they can ensure their services best respond to it. This year their event focused on the design and redesign of … More Who is talking to who in public sector reform?


I was away last week when the final episode of Young, Autistic and Stagestruck was shown on Channel 4 – you can still catch it on 4OD. This series followed nine young people with autism as they worked together to put on a play – you can read about the two previous episodes here and … More Legacy?

Henry Ford, Genius of Design and Social Care

Tonight I found myself watching The Genius of Design a new series on BBC2 exploring the history of design. The first episode, Ghosts in the Machine, looked at industrial design, Morris, capitalism, manufacturing and Henry Ford. I know very little about design, even less about the history relating to it, but found it really fascinating. Well … More Henry Ford, Genius of Design and Social Care

Fear of failure

A couple weeks ago I blogged about Claire, one of the participants in Young, Autistic and Stagestruck. Claire was talking about making mistakes and how hard she finds life for fear of making mistakes. I drew the comparison between Claire and most of us, even if we rarely take the time out to realise that … More Fear of failure

Design personas

For a while now I’ve been following a few people on twitter who have one or two feet in the design camp (or at least I think they do). I’m thinking of @fergusbisset @rufflemuffin @redjotter @segelstrom and @niccombe for starters. I’m quite strict with myself on twitter and am determined to keep my following count … More Design personas


I got home from work tonight just in time to catch Young, Autistic and Stagestruck on Channel 4+1. I’ve not been up to speed on tv lately and would have missed this but I’m hoping someone would have told me about it…altho there was surprisingly little chat in my twitter stream about it! So keep … More Mistakes