Educate, don’t bitch

Short ranty blog post warning….. I’m watching the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and following it on twitter, and also catching comments on facebook. It’s impressive, I’m delighted to see so many athletes and proud that London are hosting. I’m also morbidly curious, as an obsessive people watcher, watching people who are different to the norm is … More Educate, don’t bitch

Reverse road trip

More years ago than I care to remember I went to Cardiff to university. No-one in my family had been to university before and I had no idea what to expect. I had some messed up mental image that the Halls of Residence I’d been allocated through clearing would be like some perfect combination of … More Reverse road trip

The power of recognition and acceptance

There are two twitter conversations in the last twelve hours that have encouraged me to put fingers to keyboard – one was a discussion with @ermintrude2 @martinhowitt @copperbird @HelenHSAUK @jaxrafferty about obituaries and whether you should have ‘live obituaries’ and the other with a similar group and @timolloyd and @paulcoxon81 about social media and whether … More The power of recognition and acceptance

Ann McPherson RIP

I am dying of pancreatic cancer. I wish I wasn’t. But dying isn’t a failure on my part, it is part of life. I wish to live as long as possible, but not at the expense of enduring an undignified death. These are the words of Ann McPherson in a Guardian Comment is Free article that … More Ann McPherson RIP


Last week I wrote To chemo or not to chemo that talked about Dad’s latest dilemma (unsurprisingly, whether to have chemo or not) and the real life implications of patient choice for him, my mum and his family and friends. Dad has chosen not to have chemo and to wait and see what happens. This week he … More D.N.R

The bottom line

This is me and my mate Anna’s mum, at Anna and Dan’s wedding, just under two years ago. I wrote about their wedding here as last February Dan died from an aggressive brain tumour. In the autumn Anna’s mum was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, she had surgery to remove some of her colon and that … More The bottom line