Pressing pause #yodo

I wanted to write a post a day for Dying Matters week, about death and dying and life and grief and anything else that’s relevant really, but I’ll be honest I found yesterday quite an emotionally punishing day. Not sure why exactly, maybe it was because it was the half way point of a week dedicated … More Pressing pause #yodo

When time is limited

When someone is told (or they decide) that their time is limited, at somewhere or something, I’ve observed an almost primal attempt to do more, fit more in, go further or faster, squeeze maximum effort into the remaining time; that or an almost instantaneous acceptance that time is limited so there’s not much point trying … More When time is limited

Five things I wish I knew when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer

Back in the summer I wrote a post ‘Five things I wish I knew when I collected my A-Level results‘ and it got a great response; that response could have been because it was topical, because it was blunt, because it was a ‘five things’ rather than a deep ramble about one thing, or maybe … More Five things I wish I knew when my Dad was diagnosed with cancer

Technology for living

Last week I attended the National Children and Adult Services Conference #NCASC in Eastbourne – I’ll blog about the session I ran later this week, but one of the things that struck me as a theme throughout the conference was the simple things that we could do to make people’s lives easier. I attended a … More Technology for living