A proper tea

I’ve been really loving coffee lately. This isn’t a new thing; in fact I suspect the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is coffee! Therefore I consider myself a recovered/recovering (do you ever confidently recover from anything in life? That’s a post for another time) coffee addict. So take it as read that I … More A proper tea


You guys have been awesome since the weekend when I was meant to get away to conference and then on holiday. Again I’ve been blown away by the support, friendship and morale shared with me via my friends over on twitter. So instead of moaning I wanted to show you something that is making me … More Happys

Exploring London

I’m officially on holiday and am heading into London town to see what or who I can find to entertain myself! Am feeling much calmer than yesterday and far less angsty about the possibility that I’ll not get away on holiday; I’ve always believed that it is how you deal with situations in life that … More Exploring London