#Dilnot Commission – funding care and support

Almost a year ago the Government set up the Dilnot Commission to look at the future funding of care and support in England. Chaired by Andrew Dilnot, with the support of two commissioners Jo Williams and Norman Warner, the Commission is charged with making recommendations on how to achieve an affordable and sustainable funding system/s for care … More #Dilnot Commission – funding care and support


My mum just called to have a chat. She was reminiscing about this weekend two years ago. Today would have been the Thursday before my sister Abi, and her husband Steve got married and my Dad had just finished chemo early due to side effects. He couldn’t walk, literally, could barely take a step….yet had … More Reminiscing

A proper tea

I’ve been really loving coffee lately. This isn’t a new thing; in fact I suspect the only thing I’ve ever been addicted to is coffee! Therefore I consider myself a recovered/recovering (do you ever confidently recover from anything in life? That’s a post for another time) coffee addict. So take it as read that I … More A proper tea


You guys have been awesome since the weekend when I was meant to get away to conference and then on holiday. Again I’ve been blown away by the support, friendship and morale shared with me via my friends over on twitter. So instead of moaning I wanted to show you something that is making me … More Happys

A grounding experience

Photo by Josef.Stuefer So yesterday, if all had gone according to plan, I’d have flown to Canada for a conference. Right now those that made it (teams from Australia, Canada and Americe) will be getting up and ready for the day, I’ve spent the morning clearing an email backlog and am about to go and find … More A grounding experience