Marathon ideas…sort of

I’ve blogged a couple of times now about my wish to run, my wavering motivation and better still all my fabulous excuses for not bothering. I’ve been really delighted at some of the responses I’ve got, couple of conversations that have emerged as a result of it over on twitter and one or two people have even gone as far as to say I’d encouraged them to get out and exercise too 🙂 Happy days, couldn’t ask for more than that.

I’ve just been on holiday for two weeks, so my trainers had an exotic tour of London, Toronto, Montreal and New York…but didn’t get out the case the whole time! I had a cold on holiday and really didn’t feel like running until the last day at Niagara and then decided not to bother…the mahoosive bed was too tempting so that won out.

Anyhow this week I decided I should try and get out there again so on Wednesday I went for a run. Did an old route, through the woods, up a long slow (painful) hill and back to town – just over 4miles of hard slog; I *really* didn’t want to go out but was so glad I did. Same old story, it is NEVER as bad as you imagine. Now I just have to remember that tomorrow when I’m dreaming up yet more excuses 😉

Photo by Eneas

I think part of my struggle is that I don’t have anything to aim for…I work much better with a deadline or goal, so I’m toying with entering the Cardiff Half Marathon in October. Really not sure, what do you reckon people? I reckon it’s achievable if I prioritise it…might play twitter roulette and let you guys decide for me 😉 What say you???

3 thoughts on “Marathon ideas…sort of

  1. Diamond. Careful, I might just take you up on that…planning on deciding in the next fortnight 😉 Will see what other twitter interest there is too 🙂

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