Bundo marvellous!

Just a short post from me, I don’t normally blog about food (despite loving it in a relatively unhealthy way), but last night I was in a hotel room in Leeds and sent a tweet asking for recommendations of places to eat in Leeds. The responses reminded me of all that is ace about twitter, the … More Bundo marvellous!

Jubilation weekend

I was just looking at my blog and realising how full it is of cancer, death and dying. Now sure I’m cool with talking about that stuff but it does give (even me) the impression that my life must be horrendously difficult. That’s not to say it isn’t at times, but it is only at … More Jubilation weekend

Curry creation

I realised this week that it has been too long since I cooked a meal from scratch, well with the exception of the roast I did the other week! When life gets hectic and busy I tend to cut corners and live off pasta and pesto…or worse still,  crackers, crisps  and houmous. I have been … More Curry creation