Why I walk #CaminoLB

When applying for your Camino Credencial (a sort of passport/document to prove your legitimate pilgrim status) you’re asked to tick a box. Is your reason for pilgrimage: religious, cultural, tourism or sport. As ever in life I couldn’t decide, I’ve been musing since then why I walk, as we set off on over a hundred miles walking on CaminoLB, this is why I walk.

I walk.

I walk because I don’t know what else to do. I walk because we’ve run out of other options. I walk for Connor and those like Connor who society disregards in life, and death.

I walk to quieten the rage. I walk until I’m tired enough to sleep without grinding my teeth. I walk until my heart feels like it could burst out of my chest. I walk to feel more than anger.

I walk because I’m of walking stock. I walk because that’s what my family did. I walk because I’ve walked for as long as I can remember. I walk because I grew up walking, come sun, rain, fog and sleet. I walk as we walked for letter boxes, on Dartmoor, Exmoor, any moor.

I walk because in the middle of the night when my Dad was dying a very wise woman (@amcunningham) told me to just keep on, putting one foot in front of the other. I walk in memory of my Dad who dragged us out walking, despite our protestations. I walk to remember the good times, the best of times, the family times.

I walk to raise awareness of the hideousness that I will have 20 more years life to spend walking than someone the same as me who happens to be learning disabled.

I walk to celebrate the amazing and brilliant people who have contributed to #JusticeforLB.

I walk because walking is simple. I walk to stop me thinking. I walk to contemplate thoughts. I walk for many contradictory reasons. I walk to feel alive.

I walk because I can.

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