This week – my story

Today I’ve been hearing about the power of stories and thinking about the validation of hearing your story told, or telling someone’s story, especially if it is likely to have a positive impact on someone’s life.

So I’m going to quickly tell my story for this week and like all good stories there’s a twist (well request) at the end!

This week I am the Director of research in practice for adults – we’re a partnership organisation, a charity, local authorities are members in our network for a (very) small annual fee and we support them to use evidence (which we class as research, service user views, practitioner wisdom) in their practice to improve outcomes for people who need support. You can learn more about ripfa on our new blog or our website. This is of course my professional role – my job, not my life – we’ll come back to that.

This week I am also a granddaughter to my fantastically impressive grandparents, who live independently still, getting up in the morning, cooking their own meals and keeping each other company, at the grand old age of 90 and 92. They live next door to my parents and get far more support than they probably realise from them, but it enables them to stay independent, saves the taxpayer a fortune and means that they are a very central part of our family life.

This week I am also a daughter to my parents, Bobby and Sylv. Today while I was at #box10 my mum was at the Stroke Clinic (following a TIA she had just over two years ago) – they’ve signed her off now, fit as a fiddle, so that was great news to come home to. I’m really hopeful things will be as easy on Thursday when my dad gets the results of the PET Scan he had last week to see if his cancer has returned.

This week I am also a friend to my mate Anna and her three year old daughter, Liv. This time last year instead of baking ginger cake for #box10 I was baking wedding cake for Anna and her husband Dan. Sunday would have been their first wedding anniversary, except Dan died in February, so instead on Saturday night Anna, her sister Tracy, Dan’s mum Mary, Anna’s friend Katy and myself will be walking 15k around Swindon to raise funds for Prospect Hospice who cared for Dan in his final weeks.

So this week, as most weeks, my life is a mix of work, family and friends – all competing demands on my time and energy, all things I care very deeply about. I’m guessing it’s the same for lots of the people I come across, I don’t really separate out my work-other life, it’s all intertwined, if I’m honest its probably all the better for it. So this is me, a difficult and emotional week, but also an inspiring and uplifting week.

Here comes the twist though – I could really do with your help. I need just over £100 to reach the target we set ourselves to raise £500 in memory of Dan for the hospice who supported him. I was thinking at #box10 today what a fantastic difference they made to Dan’s life, he fought that tumour for years, with a dignity and stubbornness that defied the odds. His is both a heroic and a tragic story, but one that was eased considerably by the wonderful individuals at Prospect and the care and support they provided for him, his family and us his friends. Please, please, please donate a pound if you can afford to – if my blog stats are half way reliable, if half of you did that this week I’d smash the target. I’d really, really appreciate it. Thank you. or

Dan and Libby- May 2009

Thank you for your support. Big thanks to @markbigsw @dalekdoctor @fergusbisset@amcunningham @rufflemuffin @irishandrew @soundgirl64 (x2) @alpew @sarknight @juniorc0@jeanetteleech @hen4 @segelstrom @tomarse99, @juniorc0 @jeanetteleech @redjotter @katiekatetweets @rich_w @niccombe @laurenivory …you too could join this esteemed list of fabulously generous people 😉

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